Full Body Strength and Cardio Innovative Creator

Ashley Farrar.


Who I Am

Ashley Farrar is a Raleigh based Personal Trainer whose clients range from professional athletes to everyday people. Ashley works with each client on an individual basis, programming with their specific needs, goals, and lifestyle in mind.

With over 12 years of experience in the fitness industry, Ashley is known for her no-nonsense, results focused training approach, and her commitment to helping clients set and achieve S.M.A.R.T (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely) goals. Specializing in functional training and other strength training modalities, Ashley focuses on assisting clients improve both their fitness level and their physique.

Ashley truly believes in meeting each client right where they are, and building a customized plan that will set them up for success towards their goals. With the most innovative and goal specific workouts based upon progression and functional fitness, the groundwork is set for the client to flourish.

What I Believe 

"I believe that change is a process that we must surrender to. As a trainer and coach, I constantly remind clients to surrender to the process, and enjoy the journey. I believe that focusing less on the rate of change, and focusing more on consistency is the key to getting everywhere you want to go. I believe that as people gain strength and accomplish goals inside the gym, it transcends to every other area of their lives. I believe in people and their ability to transform once the mental switch has been flipped. As a trainer who is known for client transformations, I truly believe in the power that lies inside each and every one of my clients. It simply starts with a decision to commit."

-Ashley Farrar

Training Approach

Ashley takes on a results focused approach with clients, meeting each individual client right where they are. Programming for each client is based on specificity, goals, and client lifestyle. While Ashley tends to be a no-nonsense stickler inside the gym, her clients and friends know that outside the gym she dons a bright smile and tends to be less of the ‘drill-seargant’ type. Although each session and program will differ based upon the client, their needs, and their specific goals, the foundation of a smart, effective, and safe program based upon the most credible and up to date research remains constant.