USA Gold Medalist

Brandon Parker.


A little back story

I grew up on a farm and played every sport my school had to offer. Baseball for 9 years, football for 5 and also basketball and track but cheerleading was by far the hardest most versatile sport I every tried. Others didn’t have the same obstacles I had to overcome to be good. I came from a small town so being in the top 10% of athletes was a challenge. 

I first made the USA cheer team and 2016 this has been a goal of mine for many many years. Being on that team was like nothing else you’re surrounded by the best athletes in the world at the sport you do any around the best coaches the world has to offer. I was blessed enough to be a part of this team in 2016 and 2017.

Just being around this caliber of people will teach you more than you could ever imagine. I was so thankful to be able to compete twice with USA and take gold both times. 


I wanted to become a coach because even during my time as an athlete I lived teaching new people skills and watching there faces when they accomplish a goal! It filled me with joy to see others happiness and it was kinda addicting in a way.   The more I did it the more I felt I needed to do.  This year I was an assistant coach at NC State and we traveled two teams down to NCA nationals and I got to be on the other side watching my friends and Athletes   compete for a national title and it was unbelievable.  Both teams ended up coming home with national titles and represented our school with pride.  

This is one thing that makes me wanna keep going and spreading my knowledge and even learning everyday.  

This is part of what makes me who I am.  


"Going out to compete for a world championship with the greatest team In the world was like nothing else words can’t begin to describe the feeling that we all felt. The best part about being on that team was everybody was there to support each other. The other countries look forward to competing against us, it was more of a friendly competition and a chance to see old friends more than a stressful sporting event." -Brandon Parker