High Intensity Interval Strength and Cardio Training

Conner Traywick.


"Smiling because I know you can."


“Growing up I fell in love with helping people. I have had many passions and interests including occupational therapy with special needs children and fitness. All I knew is I wanted to lead, motivate, and inspire others.

From my first job out of high school to my senior year college internship, I was working with children of all kinds of special needs; including muscular dystrophy, autism, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and much more.

These years of in-hope support therapy, camp counseling, and OT observation sharpened so many of my skills. My patience, creativity, and people skills were some of the few that were strongly enhanced and that make me so good in my current position. I love working with people and bringing out the best in others.

I understand physical fitness is important but it’s not the only factor at hand in achieving a healthy lifestyle. Mental and spiritual well being are just as vital to achieving your goals.”

-Conner Traywick

Conner graduated from UNCC magna cum laude with bachelor in Kinesiology, certified in ACSM Exercise Physiologist and personal training. He began personal training in Charlotte senior year of college until moving to Raleigh about a year and half later. Currently in Raleigh he is the head trainer and manager of a group HIIT studio.