2 Time Cheerleading World Champion. SPecialty in flexibility and balance

Crystal Davis.


Years ago I used to dream of the life I’m living now. I use to sit and watch the University of Louisville all girl team on my TV. I would dream of what it would be like to be competing on a team with a group of such talented cheerleaders.

Today I am living that dream. Most of my life has always consisted of cheerleading. I started when I was six years. My cheerleading journey has been tough, exhausting mentally and physically, but it has also been the best sixteen years of my life. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Cheerleading is the one thing in my life that can turn my day around in seconds.

Winning the cheerleading worlds and College Nationals is a feeling I wish everyone could feel. I won both of these for the first time three years ago. I felt like all my work over these past sixteen years had paid off.

Stretching and balance was a huge reason for my success. Flexibility will go along way, in not only sports, but overall health. Flexibility and balance reduces the chance of injury and will keep your body feeling healthy.

Flexibility helped me become the flyer that I am today.

"You're dreams are never out of reach"

-Crystal Davis