BnaFit Scavenger Hunt Details

Start at Tama Tea, September 8 at 9:00 am clues are released. 

*Unless you refer friends to get the clues earlier than 9:00 am* (refer friends)

There are 14 clue locations and tasks. You pick any 8 locations/tasks to complete.


1. Decipher the clue. Go to the location. 

2. Every location has an exercise challenge. Record a video of yourself/team doing the exercise assigned on the clue.

3. Post exercise video on social media. (Instagram, facebook, twitter.)

4. You must tag the location, trainer, and BnaFit.

5. Go to the next clue and complete the same process. (You may complete the clues in any order). You must complete 8 of the 14 clues in order to win. You can go in any order and complete any of the clues.

6. Finish a total of 8 clues then post an individual/team picture stating you have completed the BnaFit Scavenger Hunt and email with team member names and social media handles. 


1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners receive prize baskets! 1st place basket goods total $1,400! Get a head start by referring friends to get the clues early.


Example Clue


Clue: Find your D.I.G. Determination, Intensity, Guts. We believe fitness is more than physical, it is mind, body and soul. #behardCORE

BnaFit Trainer: JoJo Polk instagram: @jojopolkdig Facebook: @joseph polk

Action: 5 jumping jacks

phone emmanuel.jpg

Answer! Core Raleigh

1. You would go to Core Raleigh

2. Take a video of yourself/team doing 5 jumping jacks at Core Raleigh.

3. Post the video to your social media account and tag @jojopolkdig @BnaFit_App @coreraleigh