1. I want to order a shirt, but I don't live in Raleigh. That's okay! When you order your shirt under pick up time select shipping. Then email info@bnafit.app. It will be $10 to cover shipping costs.

2. I can not pick up my shirt during the designated times. Email info@bnafit.app and we will work something out.

3. How far apart are the clues? All clue locations are in Raleigh. You will need transportation by car to get to a few of the spots. Some are really close together though (strategize on clue location to cut down on time).

4. I referred a friend. How do I get the scavenger hunt clues early? Once your friend signs up you will get an email with a link. On the day of the scavenger hunt go to that link at the specified time to get the clues early. 

5. Where do I start the scavenger hunt? You may start the scavenger hunt at any location in Raleigh. The clues will be posted right here on our website. The BnaFit team will set up at Tama Tea if you want to start there. 

6. I want to attend the Haiti trip in October. Email info@bnafit.app for more details.


1. You must wear your scavenger hunt shirt when participating in the event. Start the event at Tama Tea. 

2. If you try to take video or complete scavenger hunt challenges before the release date we reserve the right to disqualify you from the event. 

3. If you are a part of the team all teammates must post the exercise video to each teammates social media. 

4. You MUST follow all traffic, safety, and NC laws while participating. We will not tolerate speeding or any broken laws.

5. With the purchase of every ticket you are agreeing to all rules and accepting full liability. Including the safe practice of all exercises. BnaFit is not held accountable for any injuries.

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