Vinyasa, Hot, Strength, and Kids Yoga

Lidia Ortega.


Hello all!

I’m Lidia Ortega and I started my teaching experience in December 2016 as a volunteer yoga teacher for the Boys and Girls Club in my community and for a non-profit organization, You Call This Yoga. I am an active instructor at gyms; You Call This Yoga, and the yoga school, Yoga Legacy. I’ve had so much fun expanding and diversifying my skills to where I now teach all age ranges, Kids Yoga to Senior and Chair Yoga. I’m also certified to teach Hot Detox, Water Yoga, Group Fitness, and Water Aerobics.

As an instructor, what makes my heart sing are audible inhales and exhales as everyone starts moving with breath. Teaching a salutation then allowing students to move with their own breath allows for a more personal practice even though in a group setting and draws all their focus on their own practice versus seeing how everyone else is doing.


Another fun fact about me is that I love adventure and trying new things. I’ve gone skydiving, zip lining down mountains in Mexico, scuba diving in the North Carolina Coast, snorkeling, and more. For my next adventure, I would love to stay in a SkyLodge, there’s a hotel lodge in Peru that sits on the side of a mountain and you have to climb up the mountain to get to your room!

Ok last fun facts for real… I’ve been fueled on a plant-based diet since 2016 and I’m never looking back, would definitely recommend it to everyone! I also have a Bachelor’s in Psychology and will receive my Masters in Mental Health in the Summer of 2019! All about mental and physical health!



"Be present in the moment you are in. Because it is all you will ever have"-Lidia Ortega