Our Vision

To Inspire An Encouraging Community Around Fitness.


Hi. My name is Karly Pavlinac. I am the co-founder and CEO of BnaFit. Working alongside my amazing business partner, Daniel Beall, co-founder and CTO. Together our mission is to inspire and uplift. As recent graduates of NCSU, we strive to bring a community together on the foundation of encouragement and a healthy lifestyle. We created BnaFit as more than just a fitness app, it is a community. 

As a recent college graduate and woman in the tech world it hasn't been easy. But I want to tell everyone out there, if you have a goal or a dream, there isn't anything that can hold you back. No obstacle is too big to challenge a passion even bigger. 

"No obstacle is too big to challenge a passion even bigger."

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Karly Pavlinac
Co-Founder and CEO, BnaFit

picture by: Next Level Productions 

picture by: Next Level Productions