Transformation Trainer, Mentor, and Boxer

Rey Gil.


Hello! I’m Reynaldo, but you can call me Coach Rey. I specialize in transformation, conditioning and, boxing. I, myself, have gone through a transformation. I was not happy with the path I was taking. I started studying nutrition and exercise science and trying out all types training routines on my own body.

I want to help you hit your goals because I know what that can do for people. I work a lot with calisthenics and body weight exercises and also focus heavy on fast twitch muscle fibers. If you are looking to put on size and a lot of muscle, I am not the trainer for you but if you are looking for a functional and high intensity trainer that shoots for optimal muscle growth and pound for pound strength then I am the one for you. 

I want to help you to see fitness in a different way. I go by the four core components of health. Physical, of course, but just as important the emotional, mental, and spiritual side of it.

For an individual to be all around healthier then we must focus on all four components. I’m not the type of trainer that just wants you to look better, but I want you to feel better. Inside and out.


"The new you is waiting to thank the old you." -Rey Gil