Gymnastics inspired strength training and mobility

Ryan Mintz.


Hey guys, my name is Ryan and one of my passions is helping people like you move better. I have been an advanced movement coach, mobility and biomechanics specialist for 16 years and I’ve worked with internationally competitive Elite gymnasts, cirque performers, and top athletes all over the world.

At some point in my career I became tired of hurting, tired of inefficiency of movement, and tired of my nagging injuries. I broke my back, tore my bicep, severely wrecked my ankle, and had any number of other injuries that once caused me extreme strife and now no longer give me a moment’s notice.

I developed the MintzFlow Movement Method in the effort to help people like you move better and create incredible strength and mobility regardless of where they’re starting out.

This system combines gymnastics inspired fitness, end range strength and mobility, posture, and gait mechanics to build you an incredible body that feels as good as it looks and moves. Jump on day one, challenge yourself to change your approach to exercise and finally witness what you and your body are capable of.

"If you want to move better, build muscle, learn your skills faster without pain, then it is important to train in the right context. Stop making your dog walk on two legs and calling it functional" - Ryan Mintz